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Designing HTML emails

It’s 2017 and it seems that plain text emails are just boring for most users. Communicating without the emoji, GIFs or images seems rather stiff and your brand is better than that! It’s approachable and fun, or sleek and high-end, or in some other way remarkable. No plain text email will do.

Single div CSS animations

I recently got inspired to try pure CSS single div animations, as I came across this blog post (thank you, Gabrielle!). There were only two problems:

return programmer;

24 weeks ago I entered the Recurse Center in New York, not sure what to expect. I’ve only known what I was able to find online and anything I could gather from introductory emails. I flew to another continent based on the gut feeling that this is the right thing to do and not being able to explain what this was exactly.

How I grow

The past few months have been an ongoing adventure for me - an adventure in learning to manage the disorienting level of freedom I’ve had to face.

Outreachy - first month recap

I’ve been asked today to reflect on my first Outreachy month and share what I’ve done so far.

To mentor

When I first heard Zulip is taking part in Google Code-In and was asked to become a mentor, I got excited. And scared. The more time passed, the more scared I was, feeling inadequate and not experienced enough to review other people’s code.

To be mentored

One of my fellow Recursers is actively researching needs of newbie developers and interviewing juniors, mentors and anyone else engaged in hiring programmers who are starting out. Given my experience so far, I more than qualified for an interview as a tech industry newbie.

Getting into Outreachy

Getting into Outreachy is a long process that requires a lot of effort. In order to have a chance at an internship one has to:

Learning by observing

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Sumana Harihareswara live documenting a coding adventure on Zulip. As I wanted to learn even more from this experience, I’ve reread it and tried to break it into high level activities.

The First 20 Hours

I have recently reread The First 20 Hours: How To Learn Anything… Fast! by Josh Kaufman - a light book with some helpful insights on acquiring new skills. As I have so much to learn and so little time (or at least so is my perception), the concept of spending just 20 hours on something and going from knowing nothing to performing noticeably well is appealing.