Alicja Raszkowska

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- currently


web developer

full-stack web development

building HTML email templates

- currently

Recurse Center

alumni interviewer

conducting interviews (conversational and coding)

assessing applicants


Laboratorium EE

wizard developer

full-stack web development (Python, Django, React)

business analysis

open-source evangelist


Kids Code Fun


teaching kids programming in Python (EN & PL)

created a Python course (EN & PL)



Outreachy intern

working on improving communication flow for large organisations and Zulip React Native mobile application (Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3)

more about Outreachy



deciding on the stack for my Recurse Center batch using online courses, workshops (i.a. Django Girls – Python, Django) and summer programmes (i.a. Accenture – C#, ASP.Net)

building projects and further self-learning while at the Recurse Center (Python, Ruby, Elixir, Django, Sinatra, Rails, Jekyll, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3)

(start-up owned by Goldenberry)

full-stack web developer

developing new features, working with legacy code, day-to-day maintenance (ASP.Net, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS), business development (acquiring strategic partners), search engine and performance optimisation


(management consulting)

business analyst

working as a consultant on strategic projects – analyses, scoping, research, creating business cases, on-demand analyses – for clients in healthcare and IT sectors, business development


Department of Health (England)
British-Polish Secondment Programme


participation in the evaluation of Regulatory Impact Assessments, analyses of strategic areas: training of medical staff, anti-smoking prevention, medical registries


Ministry of Health (Poland)

trainee - analyst - specialist - senior specialist

cooperation with various healthcare organisations, including international cooperation, i.e. coordination of the Evidence Informed Policy Network (EVIPnet) implementation [WHO partnership], implementation of EIP processes in organisation, participation in the creation of legislative acts and coordination of Regulatory Impact Assessment Team, training co-workers on data analysis and programming, on-demand analyses, evaluation of strategic documents, preparing documents for management, working with large data sets and data warehouses, programming (CRAN R, VBA)




Unit Tests design, cooperation with business departments on the implementation of the new system functionalities, programming (VBA)


Polish Academy of Sciences
Centre for Industrial Applications of Mathematics and Systems Engineering

systems analyst

business development, active participation in applied mathematics projects